Hi! We're Kerry & Peter

Our goal is to create products that minimize harm to the environment, people, and animals by using clean goods and eco-conscious materials.

Have you ever purchased a new candle, gone home excitedly to light it, then experienced a headache or congestion an hour later? Maybe your baby or pet experienced congestion or a sneeze attack themselves? Us too! 

We learned these symptoms were a cause and effect of burning "dirty" candles. Whoa, right?! The candles had toxic ingredients and unclean wax blends that were irritating. You're not supposed to feel bad when you light a candle! Who wants that?

So we needed to burn candles that were safe for all of us. We also needed a candle that ticked all of our boxes.

  • A candle that was safe to burn around pets and children.
  • A candle that didn't blow our sinuses up!
  • A candle that smelled amazing and not artificial.

    Together, we set out to create candles that were non-toxic and smelled incredible. Along the way, we realized that sharing our passion meant keeping our footprint small. You can read more about our commitment to minimize harm to the environment on our Eco-Friendly & Sustainable page.

    Our custom-blended candles are paraben and phthalate-free and are compliant with CA Proposition 65 requirements. You can read more about our commitment to creating clean candles on our Clean & Non-Toxic page.

    In short: our candles are safe and non-toxic.

    We source 99% of our ingredients and shipping materials in the USA. As time went on, we grew our handmade product line beyond candles to include other home and body products, without compromise.

    When we're not making products, you can find us near and far camping in our country's gorgeous national parks and competing in triathlons.

    We hope you enjoy our home and body products as much as we love making them. 

    Thanks for stopping by,

    K&P xx